Any joint in an electric conductor is the weakest point, as far as the efficiency of current carrying is concerned, decided by the level and uniformity of contact pressure, the extent of the contact area, the joint resistance and ultimately the conductivity and thermal performance, and hence is given the maximum technical considerations in its design, in DELTABAR. DELTABAR joint are uniquely design with :-

- Two numbers straight fish-plates, one on either side of each phase and neutral conductor

- The fish plates having more cross sectional area than that of the conductor

- More than usual overlap of fish plates with conductors

- Phase segregation by high quality molded phase barriers

4 clamps, 4bolts steel clamping (external bolting). This ensures a thermally, electrically and mechani- cally proper and efficient joint design. The joints are covered by aluminium covers and the left over annular space are filled up by the same resin cast mix used in the feeder elements, thus making it life- time- maintenance free.