The feeder elements are of standardized design of 3.5m maximum length(shorter lengths are designed based on requirement), with the whole range up to 3200A being covered in two frame sizes - decided by two standardized enclosures one accommodating upto1600A with single conductor per phase(Frame size-1) and the other up to 3200A with two conductors per phase(Frame size-2), the width of the conductor standardized to 120mm in both frame sizes, their thickness varying from 3 to 7mm to cater to different current ratings.

For ratings above 3200A and up to 6400A, DELTABAR design envisages use of two parallel runs of elements of frame size 2.

Each bend-free phase and neutral conductor is individually color-sleeved using special, thermally & dielectrically high quality heat shrinkable sleeves and the conductors are spaced apart at a uniform gap of 10mm between the conductors